2024 Horsemanship Challenge

Motivate. Inspire. Do. Accomplish.

These are all the things this challenge is set up to do for you in 2024 in our

5th Challenge Anniversary!

For years now we have helped to inspire over 7500 different equestrians from across 15 different countries to work with their horse consistently over the tough months. To celebrate its totally FREE

By Taking the Challenge you get

  • A chance to win $$ Thousands $$ in prizes

  • A better relationship and understanding with your Horse

  • Access to one of the most uplifting, committed, and passionate communities of equestrians

"The best preparation for tomorrow is to do good work today."

Elbert Hubbard

What Exactly is the Challenge?

Michael Lyons Horsemanship is challenging you to spend good quality time with your horse through the tough months so that YOU can see just what YOU are capable of when you show up consistently and efficiently with your horse.

We are challenging you to work with your horse a total of 60 sessions over a 120 day stretch. From February 1st to May 31st.

**Keep reading to learn about the new divisions we have for 2024! **

By signing up here today you will have access to

- Membership Portal with All Important Information from us Easily Accessed

- Facebook Group for Discussions and Great Motivation Throughout the Challenging.

- A Chance at thousands of dollars in prizes

- Motivation to create the best possible relationship for you and your horse in 2024!


We try our best to listen to your feedback, and have come up with a fun new division for those of you in harsh climates that make this challenge an EXTRA challenge.

The FROZEN Rider Division

Those who qualify need 45 sessions instead of 60

If you live in an area with a very harsh climate, we are talking about those who live with feet of snow, single and negative Fahrenheit digits, ect, then you can enter this division.

It still keeps you in the main challenge with all of the prizes, but does offer a break for you. Instead of the normal 60 session requirement, you have to get 45 sessions in.

We are also giving away one special prize to one chosen person in this division. Winner will chosen at the end through video submission.

Back for 2024 is the BUCKLE CHALLENGE

Want to go the extra mile? We have added the 100 Session Challenge again this year. If you go above and beyond the 60 and meet the 100 session requirement you are entered to win a buckle for your division. 1 Buckle for each division is given away, Youth, Adult, and Primetime (Over 50)

Don't Take Our Word For It.

Read testimonies from a couple of the folks who have completed the Challenge

"Y’all, I made 60 rides with my mare and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I was doubtful in the beginning due to being full time in my clinicals plus the terribly wet winter, but I proved myself wrong and was determined to finally give the training my mare needed! No longer does she buck, rear, or back (when not told too) when she doesn’t want to do something and in all honesty I was frightened for a year or so to get past this horrible vice. I have overcame that fear with the help of friends and mostly my faith in God where all things are possible. I can now ride her anywhere I ask without issue and then more! I love the bond we share and the future that lies ahead us! Have a lot more training to accomplish but proud of our progress"

- Heather Walker

Completed 60 sessions with my best friend today!! And I’ll tell you, I’m in tears about it. Why? Because when I started this back in January, I was still working through regaining my confidence due to getting bucked off in the summer of 2018 (by a different horse). I had also recently moved to my new house, built fencing and moved my horses home (I’ve only owned horses for nearly 3 years, and I boarded for 2.5 of those). So, a lot was going on. Arya was a green little 3.5 year old when I got her in Nov of 2018 and I wasn’t sure that taking her on was the right thing to do (after my traumatic experience), but she had the kindest personality that I’ve ever seen in a horse. And she was so smart and willing so I decided to go for it. This horse and this challenge have transformed both of us. In January I was nervous to do anything other than ride her down my driveway and in my arena sized pasture. Then we pushed past that into my bigger pastures. Then we pushed past that into going on the trails on my property ALONE - first a little ways, then further and further each time. Now - we ride ALL over my 20 acres. We lead trail rides with my friends on my property. We travel off site and do obstacle courses. We travel off site for trails. She is my best friend and I trust her so much. And I know she trusts me. Our partnership has healed me in so many ways and has helped me gain confidence step by step. This challenge pushed me to get out and do things - when I was tired, when it was cold, when it was wet. And I am so completely grateful. Thank you, Michael Lyons Horsemanship, for creating this opportunity. Arya and I plan to continue working because we are both students and we are both always learning. And I love constantly strengthening our partnership. - Laurie Capper

Day 100!!! One of our 2021 goals achieved! Feb 1 - May 11 - Boon Ocean Blue met this year's new 100 session Horsemanship Challenge with consistent daily sessions despite inclement weather (Wisconsin winter, 2 weeks of mid-February negative double digit sub polar temps, gusty 50+ wind, sleet, snow, rain and drought). We learned about ranch versatility, up'd our cattle herdsmanship skills, worked on training 'holes' and moved up a level in Working Equitation. Also became more insync, strengthened our partnership plus acquired new equestrian friendships along the way. Best is when Ocean comes running, ready to play! We're not done yet! Our lifelong learning journey continues... - Kris Blacklock

Challenge Yourself. Accept the Challenge today and see just what your story could be.

2024 Horsemanship Challenge

Michael Lyons Horsemanship

Event Contact:

Julia Lyons

[email protected]

Clinic Location: Where ever you are! Do this from your home

Starts February 1st and runs until May 31st

Cost: FREE to sign up. Anyone and everyone can sign up, but if you able to make a donation towards the back office fees, prizes, shipping, and the generic costs of running of this challenge, it is GREATLY appreciated. Entirely not required.

Frequently Asked Questions

2024 Horsemanship Challenge Rules

What is the Horsemanship Challenge?

The Horsemanship Challenge is a challenge created by Michael Lyons Horsemanship. Its intent for creation was to inspire riders & equine handlers to spend consistent training time with their horse during some of the toughest months. As trainers, we know what all each person is truly capable with their horse when they are consistent at doing it. So we created this challenge to give as much incentive as possible so that handlers and riders could experience it too.

What is Defined as a Session?

The Challenge itself is to work with your horse on the ground or undersaddle for a minimum of 60 sessions over a 120 day period. A session is defined as 20 minutes of training either on the ground or undersaddle. You can not use multiple horses for the same 60 sessions. You can only do 1 session per day. You can enter multiple horses, but EACH must hit 60 to be qualified for prizes. The start date is February 1st, 2024.

How Do I Track my Sessions?

There are lots of ways that you can track your rides. One Is by using our Horseman's Journal that can be bought separately and has a tracking section in it. Another is by using any tracking app you prefer such as EquiLab, ect. You can also keep a journal, or spreadsheet. In your portal you can find the FREE tracking document under the Stay Motivated Through the Challenge Tab. It Is the very first thing listed. At the VERY END of the challenge, or once you hit either 60 sessions or 100 you will use the tab in your portal called FINAL NUMBER SUBMISSIONS to plug In you and your horses final numbers.

How Do you Win Prizes?

At the end of the Challenge we have a big drawing. They all vary in size and monetary value. Each time we give away prizes we will draw names. There will be a couple prizes given away DURING the challenge, so everyone entered will have a shot. We will then give prizes at the very end by drawing names from all of the horse/rider teams that made It to either 45, 60 or 100 sessions. Everyone who enters has a shot to win something, but only those who hit the mark are entered for the end of challenge prizes. Prizes vary from ONLINE Horsemanship learning platforms, lots of different horse tack clinics, horse products, retreats and more! Lots to fit all disciplines of riding!

What is the Buckle Challenge?

The Buckle Challenge takes everything to the next level. You will be entered to win a buckle if you ride or work with your horse for 100 sessions over the 120 day period. We give away a buckle to all three age divisions, Youth, Adult, and Primetime ( 50 and older).

What is the Frozen Rider Division?

We understand that not all climates are equal. So those of you that live and completing this challenge in a truly harsh climate, are able to enter the Frozen Rider Division. This basically allows for a little bit of a break. The time line is still the same, but instead of the 60 sessions required to be entered for prizes, it is 45. We will also be giving away one special prize to someone in only this division that is chosen through a video submission.Who can Sign up and

How Much does it Cost?

ALL horse people and horses are welcome!! There are 3 divisions... Youth (18 and under), Adult (18-49), and Primetime (50 and older). For 2024 is a Pay as You Can. So if money is tight and you can't spend any extra, then its totally free. This process takes a lot of time and effort to put on, so donations are welcome and very appreciated but not required. Donations help fund the office fee that helps with all of the back office work, and your online platform, and your prizes! On top of this we are throwing in videos that will help inspire you, keep you working In the right direction, and give you exercises as well as well as training philosophies to keep you learning and progressing!

Can I Do it With Multiple Horses?

MULTIPLE horses are welcome. However you do not need to sign up multiple horses. Just yourself on the link. We will add in extra horses later. Each horse MUST hit the 60 session requirement, however. Which will also give each handler more chances at prizes.

What is the Portal?

This year when you register, you have to create an account to our new portal. This is a great place that keeps all of your important information together, easily shows all of our product sponsors and links their pages, and keeps all of the information neat and tidy. We ask that YOU DO NOT post in this portal, as it can get cluttered up very quickly. Use the facebook page for all discussions and use the portal to review any information posted by MLH only.

No more searching through a cluttered facebook group to find the Information that you need!When you register, you will be directed to set up an account. Be sure to always check your junk/spam for emails as well.

I am a trainer. Do client Horses Count?

No, if you are being paid to ride a horse in anyway, then they do not count towards the challenge.