Ride FearLess Mentorship Program

16 Week Online Mentorship Program

The Program I wish I had when I was going through my Struggle with My Own Fear. But it's all laid out now, for you to succeed!

  • Easy to follow videos of exercises and ideas

  • Live Coaching Calls with Julia every other week to answer your questions and keep you accountable

  • A community of like minded and passionate equestrians

Invest in yourself. Invest in Your Horse.

Let's get your confidence back with your horse!

"Here I was a professional trainer, who used to be fearless, and I was scared to get on my horse. You can imagine the frustration and shame I felt for that. Dealing with my fear was a very hard task, but I truly believe I needed to feel that depth of fear so that I could better teach my students. And that is how the Ride FearLess Program was created." - Julia Lyons

There are 2 main pieces to my Ride FearLess Program. One is a given, and that is Horsemanship. Fear is rooted in the idea of "what if my horses loses control." So one of the best ways we can possibly work through that and overcome that is learn as much as we can about communicating effectively with our horses so that they are relaxed, and willingly guided by us. However, I found with my own journey that is not enough.

The thing about fear is that it is nothing more than your body’s biological response to trying to stay safe. We tend to put it on ourselves that because of having fear we are less capable, less able, and less than of a rider due to it. But in reality it has nothing to do with that. It only means your brain is smart and is trying to keep you safe. Once you truly learn and understand the way in which your body is physically changing in order to do this, you can make physical changes along with it to rewire your brain from doing it so much.

This is the program I wish that I had when I was going through my own battle with fear! But now you do, so that you can conquer it too.

Come expecting to learn

Where your fear generates and how the brain processes it

Proven techniques to work on rewiring your brain to work through fear

All about your horses and your own nervous systems

The Vagus Nerve

How a Horse Learns

The Learning Stages of a Horse

Consistency in your Work

The Foundational Ground Work Principles

Introduction to Liberty Work

The Small Details of Handling Horses that get Missed

How to Correctly Apply Pressure

Mirroring & Why Energy Matters

Creating a Confident & Balanced Seat

The Calm Down Cue for Your Horse

Pattern Work Undersaddle

How to Build a Willingly Guided and Soft Horse Undersaddle

Creating a Soft Mouth, and Soft Hands

& More!

What do you get in this program?


I am a big believer that everyone can change their life, if they decide to do it. They do, however, need a couple things to do so... knowledge on how to do it, and time commitment. That's why this is a 16 week program. I want people to follow along with me, be inspired, learn, but also be held accountable each week to show up. The rewards are so worth if they do.

Intimate Coaching.

This program is set up to be easy to follow. Every other week you will receive a series of lessons that we will work on for the next two weeks. These lessons are lined out in easy to follow videos that teach you every step of the way. We teach a lot about horsemanship, but also a lot about the brain, how fear works, and our thought process through it all.

Then, on the week where new lessons are not being published we have LIVE COACHING calls to answer your own questions. These are done on zoom. You are able to submit your own videos, and in these coaching calls, I will help educate and problem solve with you as needed.

A Community.

Things are just easier when you have a room of passionate and like minded people to keep you going. To know you are not alone. In this program you are not doing it alone, not only will you have me (Julia) mentoring you throughout the whole thing, but each of you will have access to your own community portal to share stories, successes, questions, trials and more. This is a huge part of the journey, and will set you up for a lifetime of friendships.

Reserve Your Spot Today!

Ride FearLess Online Mentorship Program

Michael Lyons Horsemanship

Event Contact:

Julia Lyons



Clinic Location: Online! Must have access to internet to participate.

Date: Next date TBD... Fall of 2024

Price Per Rider: $198 a month for 6 months.

Important Clinic Information for Registrants

Things to keep in mind when signing up for the Clinic

Signing Up- When you sign up for the clinic, you will pay your first monthly payment of $198. There are 6 monthly payments to pay for the course. Once signing up, your payments start. The program does not start until March 1st, 2024. We have a limited number of seats open for this online course.

Every online course is unique to the participants in the event. While the program is lined out with a syllabus of exercises and videos, we tailor all of our programs to the riders. So during the LIVE coaching calls you can ask specific questions that we will answer and possibly make more videos to demonstrate for you.  

It is important that you are able to ride/work during the program. While you are able to watch the exercise videos on your own time during the course, we do ask that by signing up, you are able to commit participating as much as possible and able to be there for the majority of the LIVE coaching calls during the event. We will NOT push you past your limits. Participating may look different for each person, but we ask that are able to a lot several days of the week to work with your horse if you want to get the most out of this program.

Example of schedule.

Week One - Monday - Release of Welcome Video, What is Fear & Understanding it, Understanding How to Help it.

Thursday - Release of Relaxation Exercises for You and Your Horse

Week two - Monday - Have your own videos ready and submitted by the end of the day if you have footage that you want Julia to review and answer questions to on

Wednesday night coaching call. Wednesday - LIVE Zoom meeting Coaching Call with Julia. Times/days subject to change depending on groups needs.

Week three starts the same cycle again with more exercises and videos being released.

Videos/Photos - Photos are meant to be used for your personal use only, not for commercial purposes or public viewing. You are not authorized to publish or display photos or videos that were taken of Michael & Julia Lyons, staff, family, or anyone else in the course without permission from Michael or Julia.

In Person Retreat at the end - We host in person Ride FearLess Retreats every year. Once completing this course you will be invited to join us at our ranch in Randleman, NC for a retreat at a discounted rate! We hope to be able to fill one (or more if needed) with only those that completed this course in this specific group. Normal prices for the retreat (including you and your horses lodging) is $1800. YOUR price for the retreat is $1500. This is completely optional, not required.

Registration - Once signing up is complete, you should get an email directly after signing up. Be sure to check both your promotions folder and your spam if you do not see it at first. We recommend turning your notifications to that email on once finding it to ensure you always see the most up to date information.